Earth in the Balance

First published in 1992, Earth In The Balance helped place the environment on the national agenda; now, as environmental issues move front-and-center in the public consciousness, the time is right to reflect deeply on the fate of our planet and commit ourselves to its future.

While An Inconvenient Truth closely examines one menace to our environment, global warming, Earth in the Balance takes a broader approach, focusing on the threats that everyday choices pose to our climate, water, soil, and diversity of plant and animal life.

In 2006, in the face of increasing evidence of climate change, former Vice President Al Gore updated Earth In The Balance to include new evidence.

"A global environmental crisis threatens to overwhelm our children's generation. Mitigation the crisis will require a planetary perspective, long-term thinking, political courage and savvy, eloquence, and leadership—all of which are in evidence in Al Gore's landmark book." —Carl Sagan