Al Gore Statement on the 15th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

15 years ago today, one million people in the Gulf region were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. 1,833 lives were lost, with 40 percent due to drowning. That day made painfully clear our reality: the climate crisis is on our doorstep. As Hurricane Laura overwhelms the Gulf Coast, it’s now painfully clear how supercharged these storms are by rising global temps. At the same time, we are fighting multiple interconnected crises – the pandemic, systemic racism & voter suppression among them. We need a unified & coherent vision for change. We cannot continue to stand by and watch these disasters unfold. We need to learn from Katrina, Sandy, and now Laura, and demand better. We need leaders that listen to science. We need policies that prepare us for disasters and protect the most vulnerable among us.

My heart goes out to those on the frontlines today. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but there is still hope. Please remember that the will to act is itself a renewable resource.

My speech on September 9, 2005 on Hurricane Katrina and Global Warming