Al Gore | The case for climate optimism

Why is Al Gore optimistic about our ability to solve the climate crisis?
In a webinar attended by nearly 6,000 representatives from science, policy, and business across the world, former US Vice President Gore outlined encouraging progress on the sustainability revolution – and what energizes him to keep fighting for further change.

Our planet has changed dramatically in the 15 years since the former Vice President brought climate change to the world stage in his Oscar-winning film β€œAn Inconvenient Truth.” But as he pointed out in his talk at the Frontiers Forum, so too have our responses to the crisis. Governments and businesses have committed to net zero carbon targets and ever-more clean, green solutions are entering the market. On top of this, science shows the incredible power we have to avert the worst consequences of climate change.

A deeper discussion on political and social aspects of achieving cuts to greenhouse gas emissions followed with three leading climate experts: Kurt Vandenberghe, Dr Joeri Rogelj, and Prof Naomi Oreskes.