Former Vice President Al Gore's Statement on the Passing of Wally Broecker and Walter Munk

“In recent days, the world has lost two true giants in the field of environmental science and research: Wally Broecker and Walter Munk. Broecker, who in 1975 authoritatively predicted that rising levels of carbon dioxide would cause the dangerous warming we are experiencing today, was a visionary well ahead of his time.

Munk’s countless contributions to oceanography changed how we understand our oceans, and his remarkable curiosity for science was an inspiration to me. A refugee from Hitler’s evil in Europe as a young man, he played an invaluable role as an ocean expert in helping plan the timing of D-Day.

Put simply, Wally and Walter were true pioneers, who established the foundation for the global movement to solve the climate crisis. These two will be greatly missed and we will all forever be indebted to them and their work.”