Gore: Americans still supporting 'lost cause' of Trump's reelection should put country first

Former Vice President Al Gore on Sunday called for Americans who continue to rally behind President Donald Trump’s failed reelection bid to prioritize their country.

“I would encourage those who are still supporting the lost cause of President Trump’s reelection to put the country first,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”
“It’s hard to escape the interpretation that they are frightened, that President Trump will tweet them into political oblivion if they don’t do exactly what he says,” he said. “But, you know, there are things that are more important than bowing to the fear of a demagogue. One of those things that is more important is the United States of America and our Constitution and the continuation of the American experiment.”

Gore’s comments come just days after the Supreme Court denied a Texas lawsuit supported by Trump, more than a dozen Republican-led states and 126 House Republicans that sought to invalidate millions of votes in battleground states he lost to President-elect Joe Biden. The Electoral College will meet Monday to formally cast their ballots for president and vice president — the next step in the process of finalizing Biden’s victory.

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