Statement by Former Vice President Al Gore on the IPCC's Working Group II Report

Today‚Äôs message from the world’s scientists is clear: the impacts of the climate crisis demand urgent action to deploy solutions massively and quickly. These impacts are already devastating, they are accelerating rapidly, and they will continue to do the most damage to the poorest and most vulnerable populations around the world.

We are dangerously close to reaching critical ecological tipping points for our climate that threaten to move humanity into uncharted territory. However, we are also on the cusp of the long-awaited political tipping point, beyond which the world finds the political will to act and save the future of our civilization. Now is the time to move decisively forward in global cooperation to accelerate the net zero transition.

Our common humanity must bind us ever more tightly together so we can act boldly and definitively to protect the fragile climatic balance upon which human civilization depends.