This Al Gore-backed project found that we’re seriously undercounting greenhouse gas emissions

To tackle climate change, the world needs to know exactly where greenhouse gas emissions are coming from. But most of the data that exists today relies on self-reported numbers from polluters, and it’s often years out of date. A new platform uses satellites, sensors, and AI to directly measure emissions independently—and it’s finding that some sectors are seriously undercounting the problem.

“There’s an old saying that you can only manage what you can measure,” says former vice president Al Gore, who is collaborating with other partners on the new platform, called Climate Trace. “When the measurements are flawed and out of date and have big gaps and are just plain wrong, in many instances, it’s hard to manage what you’re mis-measuring.” The coalition just released its own data for 10 sectors and 38 subsectors between 2015 and 2020.

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